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Black Mana Studios in partnership with Intel Corporation introduces Home Interior Design, a user-friendly Windows 8 app that lets you quickly build entire homes, design rooms, and create unique furnishings on your Intel-powered All-in-one PC. The new innovative Intel All-in-one PC combines a touch screen with desktop capability, while maintaining a slim profile and light weight.

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Interior Design for iPad has just won Best Lifestyle App by the Tabby Awards, considered by many to be the App Developers’ Oscars.

Applications have been reviewed by an international judging panel of tablet professionals from all over the world. Winners will be celebrated at the first Tablet Ecosystem conference in New York City on November 13, 2013, during the award ceremony.

The iPad has more than 350,000 native apps available on the app store. On April 15, 2013, Time magazine picked Interior Design for iPad, by Black Mana Studios, as one of the world’s top 50 must have iPad apps. Being in such a distinguishable list alongside other apps like Skype, Facebook, Google Chrome and Dropbox means our efforts to make this a unique and helpful app have succeeded.

We would like to thank all of our users who contributed to this app success since its launch, approximately 4 months ago. To take a look at the list, click here to see the Time’s 50 Must Have iPad Apps.

We have just released the first update to Interior Design for iPad, and it’s nothing short of amazing. More than 300 new items, a whole new Landscaping category, render reflections, more than 15 new features and over 40 bugs fixed.

The patch also contains improvements to the drag and drop mechanism and a sheer reduction in app size without affecting image quality. Interior Design for iPad is the #2 bestselling lifestyle app on the App Store – we believe this patch might just get us to the coveted #1. Fingers crossed!

Update: Interior Design for iPad did indeed get to the #1 spot – The best selling lifestyle app on the US, UK, Canada and France stores.

Interior Design for iPad Reviews:

Interior Design for iPad by Black Mana Studios is one of the 50 best apps in the world, alongside Skype, Facebook, Google Chrome and Dropbox.

TIME Magazine

This app is great for helping the DIY-er in designing their home. It really helps someone with furniture layouts, materials selections, and scale. It’s very extensive, this app seems to have everything, from beds to walk-in closets, to vases and candles.

Carla Aston - Designed

Interior Design for iPad by Black Mana Studios wins Tabby Award for Best Lifestyle App.

Tabby Awards

Interior Design for iPad by Black Mana Studios is in the top 10 best selling lifestyle apps in over 20 countries, among them the US, UK, Canada and France.

App Store Rankings

Was looking for app to help me design new kitchen and garden layout - this does both, and is blissfully simple and quick to use. Just transferred the measurements from the drawings I'd done and... Instant ability to visualize layouts and design ideas. Great tool for an amateur with a design eye!

CJ@BR (App Store)

Excellent app for your average user. Easy and quick to use. I designed my new kitchen layout on this quicker than the guy in the showroom did.

Zygard84 (App Store)

I have had nothing but success with this app, very worth the price you pay. I am looking for rentals and I created the plan I wanted, I now know what to look for!

Abby Gale (App Store)

I have been searching for a programme to design kitchens and bathrooms for months, one that you don't need a degree in applied mathematics to decipher some of the controls!!!! Voila!!! How simple is this!!!! I design kitchens and bathrooms as part of my job, and this app is perfect, and the tech support is always there and very quick to reply, Well done team!

Archangel Tman (App Store)

I had my entire flat laid out to scale with this app and when we went furniture shopping it was priceless to be able to check dimensions while in store and add the item to the plan and see if it would fit and how it would look. Absolute gem, buy it now!

svpersteve87 (App Store)

I was skeptical at first given the £6.99 price tag, however I am more than pleased with this app. I could easily spend hours on it so I'm getting my money's worth. Definitely worth getting if you are into designing homes and creating plans etc. Love it!!!!!

Sbirkbek (UK App Store)